How To Find A Top Real Estate Agent

Orange County Real Estate Agents:

It’s a common question people look up all the time on google, “how to find the top real estate agent in OC”?

The truth is there is no sure fire way to find the best agent, and even if you hire the best agent they might not be a good fit.

Fact is every homebuyer or seller has a unique situation (need to move out of state, divorce, etc.) and so your agent needs to listen well.

Some people just need to sell their house quickly after a death in the family, and some agents aren’t going to be as compassionate as others.


What’s The Bottom Line?

At the end of the day, the best advice to finding a good agent to work with is take your time, ask questions, and make sure the energy is good.

Too many times clients have told us their gut told them to not hire an agent but they did anyways and regretted it later.

Trust your gut.

Below we have tried to cover a lot of what homebuyers and sellers ask and need when dealing with real estate agencies.

If you have questions or need immediate help don’t hesitate to contact us at the OC Dream!



Modern Technology

Nowadays home buyers live on the internet, and if your agent needs to understand Google and Youtube etc.

Otherwise you’ll be left behind by about 20 years trying to sell your home.

The Orange County Dream is a tech and service company that helps clients sell and buy homes and condos in OC, we use the internet to reach customers.

We live, eat, surf, breathe, and sell real estate in Orange County, so we are local and can help people looking to buy and sell locally here in OC.

Think about it like this, you are reading this article right now which means you found the OC Dream online, same as your buyer will find us to buy your house.

It’s really that simple.


What Is A Home Buyers Agent?

A buyers agent is simply the individual that represents buyers’ when they purchase a home or condo, townhome or even mobile home.

The agent negotiates with the seller’s agent to come to a final sales price that both buyer and seller agree upon.

Usually real estate agents will offer to help buyers and sellers, but some agents are “exclusive buyers agents” and only represent buyers.

For the more part any smart and digital savvy real estate agent can assist a client in buying a home.


how does a buyers agent get paid

How Does A Buyers Agent Get Paid?

After the sale is completed the buyers agent will be paid a % of the final sales prices (this is agreed upon in advance).

For years home sellers have paid 6% commission when a homes sells, and that is split between buyer’s and seller’s agent.

Nowadays some agents and brokers will negotiate this fee to be more competitive and get more clients.

Because the home seller pays the commission fees, it is unwise for a homebuyer to not use a realtor since there is no cost for the buyer.


I Don’t Like My Agent, Can I Switch?

For this question you really need to read whatever agreement you signed or ask your current agent for details.

The terms of separation are disclosed in the buyer’s agreement so you should start there.

Typically when selling a house homeowners will sign an exclusive listing agreement with their agent giving them 60 days or whatever to sell the house.

Buying and selling real estate is probably the biggest deal you’ll ever be a part of in your life, so be smart about it.

If you have questions contact the OC Dream today and get answers so you can be successful in your real estate purchase or sale.

You want to make sure you work with the best real estate agent possible to help you achieve your goals.


agent for first time home buyer

Best Agent To Help First Time Home Buyers

If you are attempting to purchase your first home or condominium in Orange County then be prepared to spend a lot of money.

Because every buyer has their own budget, timeframe, and needs, not every buyers agent will be the right fit for you.

Buying your first home is scary and quite frankly can be super stressful, so be patient and ask questions during the process.

Your best bet is to work with an agent here at The OC Dream that specializes in helping first-time buyers.


We can also help first time homebuyers who are veterans.

We can help explain how to make buying a condo easier, even a house or mobile home purchase.

This type of agent knows the questions to ask and what concerns you will have because we deal with it all the time.

Using “the best” buyers agent, or most famous in your town could be a mistake, as that agent might be spread very thin and not really have time for you.

First-time homebuyers ultimately want an agent that is patient and focused on just a few clients, making sure they have the time and resources to guide you.


choose good buyers agent

How To Choose a Good Buyers Agent

The best tip we can give is to find an agent that is very familiar with the internet (find them online like you did here at OC Dream).

The world lives on the internet and so does real estate, so you don’t want to hire an old fashioned buyers agent that drives around town all day.

People find their doctors, lawyers, even their future spouse online, so don’t ignore the reality, agents that understand the internet are the future.

If you can’t find your agent online (they have no presence) then how well do you think they can help you use data that exists online (think Zillow, etc.).

Modern Times

Do you want your buyer’s agent sending you newspaper listings, or prefer them scouring the internet 24 hours a day for the perfect house for you to buy!

In addition a good buyers agent should be able to help a milennial making their first purchase or a 55 and over couple looking to retire in Huntington Beach.

Of course you want to hire somebody with a good reputation and a few references, but most agents can give you a reference.

– what to look for in an agent: honesty, responsible, good negotiator, digitally savvy, available 24/7 (very important), etc.


exclusive buyers agent

What Is An Exclusive Buyers Agent?

A real estate agent often works for a company that can represent both sides of the deal – buyer and seller.

An exclusive buyers agent will typically work for a brokerage that doesn’t even handle selling houses (listings houses).

Instead a brokerage like this will only represent home buyers which make that broker somewhat unique.

These agents have no incentive to show you a particular property or certain neighborhood because they only get paid when you buy Any house.

That means that this type of agent might even help you find and tour houses listed as FSBO – or for sale by owner.

Many real estate agents won’t get into FSBO properties because they consider them to be difficult.

All over OC into Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Yorba Linda, etc., you’ll find these type of agents.


meeting expectations

Meeting Realistic Expectations

The client and the buyers agent will have expectations that need to be met and clear from day one.

When we work with buyers (especially first-time buyers) we like to plan ahead and find out what your expectations might be.

Do you want to buy or sell a home quickly, do you have a neighborhood picked out, can you afford closing costs, etc?

Once we know what our clients expectations are, then we can easily explain what we can do for them and what we can’t do.

Some clients just want to know that they can reach us basically 24 hours a day, with email and text that’s possible.

Clients Matter

Other times clients just want to be reassured that their agent will offer their best efforts through the entire process.

This includes touring homes, making offers, getting inspections and appraisals, and just answering questions along the way.

As a buyer you should not expect your agent to work miracles, like making an offer 15% below asking price for example.

Instead we tell our clients to ask us to be creative and helpful, honest and most importantly to be able to get the deal done.

We are here to help buyers and sellers all over OC, into Tustin, Anaheim, Newport, Laguna, Garden Grove and more.


What Is A Listing Agent?

A listing agent is simply a real estate agent that will help homeowners sell their home or condo.

Listing agents will list client houses on the MLS (Zillow, OC Dream, etc.) and ideally they will hold open houses, and promote the property.

In addition the agent will then negotiate the highest possible price (and best terms) for the seller.

Typically a listing agent will receive 3% commission of the final sales price once the house is sold, although that % can vary.


how does listing agent get paid

How Does A Listing Agent Get Paid?

This is a common question and the answer is pretty simple actually.

A listing agent is paid a commission % upon the sales price of a property – normally listing agents split a 6% fee with the buyers agent.

This % is not set in stone though and can potentially be negotiated with the listing agent – don’t be afraid to ask.

If your home is going to sell for $1 Million many times you can get your agent to lower their commission fees upfront, not always though.

If you have questions about selling your house feel free to contact us today for immediate help.


OC Dream

Work With an OC Dream Listing Agent

The Orange County Dream is a new type of company that can help homeowners sell their house faster.

You can contact the OC Dream to find out what your house/condo might currently be valued at or to ask us any questions.

The OC Dream thinks about digital and the internet first, because this is where homebuyers live – online on FB, Google, Zillow, etc.

Many old school realtors still buy advertising on bus stops and magazines, but who really pays attention to that anymore.

Get modern help with selling your house for top dollar and list the home at the right sales price, contact a top real estate company in OC.

Learn about getting your house ready to sell and the most important steps to take before you list your property.


how to pick a listing agent

How To Pick a Listing Agent That Is Right For You:

Is this a question you’ve been asking yourself, “how do I find a real estate agent to sell my house?”

Imagine you find a top real estate agent on Zillow and they agree to help you sell (or buy) your home.

At first the relationship starts out great and the agent lists your house for sale for a price you think is fair, but as time goes by you hear less from them.

This story is all too common as homeowners quickly forget that real estate agents work on commission and so a top agent sells expensive houses.

Well if you hired an agent that typically sells houses for say $2 Million or more, and your house is worth say $750,000 in Huntington Beach, do the math.

Sure the agent is morally and legally obligated to his home seller, but if the MLS doesn’t attract a buyer, and the open houses grow cold, guess what?


Be Realistic

A lot times the agent will spend less and less attention selling the home for $750,000 because they have $2 Million homes to sell worth a lot more commission.

It’s sad but true, and we aren’t saying this happens all the time, but it does happen even with the best.

Bottom line is this, just because an agent sells expensive houses and claims to be the “Best”, doesn’t mean he or she is an ideal fit to sell your home.

Of course the other side of the coin is that you don’t want to hire a listing agent that doesn’t sell houses and is desperate.

Ideally you want to use a digital agent like the OC Dream, a company that has a lot of website visitors looking to buy houses in OC – a built in audience.

Buyers don’t pay attention to Bus Stop ads, or billboards, or even magazines anymore. Fact is buyers use the internet and if your house isn’t on Page 1 of google – change agents.


questions to ask your realtor

What Questions to Ask Your Agent

Every client is different and has unique needs that are most important to them and their family when it comes to buying or selling a property.

Regardless of what matters most to you we encourage you to be open minded when speaking to an agent here at OC Dream.

We work in Costa Mesa, Newport, Laguna, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, and more.

When we say open minded we mean to ask about things you might not have thought about, and educate yourself on the buying or selling process.

Ask your agent about the school districts where you want to live, the crime rates, entertainment nearby, is the area family friendly, etc.

Be sure to use an agent that is very skilled with “technololgy” – do they have an Instragram and FB account with followers and does their website have customers.

In the end selling and buying real estate is a personal and intimate thing, make sure your agent cares about you and your Goals – OC Dream cares about clients.


Key Takeaways

We have listed below some important questions to ask the agents you want to hire, but mainly make sure you are comfortable with whomever you hire.

  1. Can I call you 24 hours a day?
  2. What is the fastest way to reach you if I have a question?
  3. What price range do you usually help clients with?
  4. How often should I expect to hear from you?
  5. What neighborhoods do you specialize in?
  6. Are you aware of state and local programs for first-time buyers?
  7. How long have you been involved with real estate?
  8. Do you help first-time homebuyers?


Why You Need A Buyers Agent

If you are looking to buy a home and want the process to be fast, easy and seamless, then contact the OC Dream.

When you are going to buy a home or condo, you can hire a real estate agent to help you for free because the seller pays the commission.

Searching websites like Orange County Dream and Zillow might make the process easy to find properties you want to tour, but that’s the easy part.

Once it comes time to set up appointments to tour the house, it can be time consuming and tricky to coordinate all the homes you want to see.

Then once you find the home you want to buy you need to submit an offer, negotiate, hire an appraiser, inspector, open escrow, etc. etc.

It is actually a complicated process to buy a home and doing it on your own  really makes no sense because a buyers agent is Free.


Why You Need A Listing Agent To Sell Your Home

A lot of homeowners will attempt to sell their house without hiring a listing agent, and sometimes it works out OK, but not very often.

FSBO (for sale by owner) has become more popular because of the internet and the exposure that homeowners can get on websites.

But getting your house exposure is the easy part, once it comes to getting an actual buyer and dealing with negotiations and escrow, etc., it’s not always so easy.

Sure if you can sell your home on your own you might save 2 or 3 % commission that you’d pay a listing agent, but you still need to pay the buyers agent their 3% commission.

But just take for example a home worth about $500,000.

If you used a listing agent you’d pay them roughly $15,000 or 3%, so you might save that $15000 selling it yourself.

What if though you list the home at price below its actual value (because you don’t know any better) or you can’t negotiate very well and you sell it for $475,000?

In the end you need to think about every scenario that can happen, and don’t just focus on what $ you might save…

Call The OC Dream today to speak to a listing agent here in Orange County and get answers to your questions – you might be surprised what we can do for you.